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Contact Us - Helps to increase cash flow by reducing federal tax liability for US companies and individuals.
About Us

Buy Energy Tax was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Nick Palumbo of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Nick's passion is to reduce corporate expenses and create American jobs.  This will make these businesses stronger and more competitive in the global economy in which we live.

The US Government allows businesses to sell off their renewable energy tax credits as a means of funding for future projects. allows our solar company to do more solar projects within the USA.  We can reduce businesses federal tax liability by using 179 depreciation for sale and also our energy tax credits.

"Its very rewarding to be able to help small and large businesses increase their cash flow by using renewable energy tax credits and depreciation" said Nick Palumbo, President of

In the second quarter of 2012, we have added on 2 new services.  We can now help to reduce your tax liability while estate planning.  In addition, we have also added free management consulting services.  This will help you further reduce your expenses on an annual basis.

We look forward to helping your business reduce its federal tax liability in the coming years! 

Thanks for your support,

Nick Palumbo