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May 23, 2012 - Scottsdale, USA - launches its new online marketplace for buying energy tax credits and solar depreciation for sale.  Our services reduce federal income taxes for business and personal returns.

Buy Energy Tax Credits has partnered with an Arizona solar company to gain access to millions of dollars of tax credits and solar depreciation for the 2012 tax year and beyond.  At present we have 5 million in tax credits and depreciation that is available for purchase.  Our inventory changes daily.  Every time a project is completed more depreciation and credits are created.

Tax credits and depreciation can be sold at a discount to off set your current federal tax liability.  For example if you owe $100,000 in federal taxes, for $90,000 we can eliminate your tax bill in full.  This is a 10% savings when buying depreciation.  Energy tax credits work in a similar fashion at a reduced discount.  Our services can be scaled up depending on the individuals needs.

"Buy Energy Tax Credits will become a leader in the tax credit and depreciation business.  Our world class customer service and business consulting knowledge will allow us to grow month over month" said Nick Palumbo, founder/president. 

Additionally, Buy Energy Tax Credits is bringing on over 100 new consultants in 2012.  The majority of these consultants will come from CPA firms, management consulting firms, commercial loan offices, and tax attorneys.  "We are also in talks with multiple consulting firms to co-market each others services.  There is a lot of synergy between our services and a traditional management consulting operation.  It's a win-win for all parties involved" said Palumbo.

This article was published on May 23, 2012.