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Energy Tax Credits
Energy Tax Credits

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Price    10% Federal Tax Savings

Investors have been on the hunt for new ways to get guaranteed returns on their money.  The savvy investors have been looking towards energy tax credits.  The beautiful thing about solar tax credits is by buying them in our program you and/or your company receives an instant 10% savings on your federal tax liability. 

The government has setup these renewable energy tax credits to spur economic growth within the renewable energy/solar industry.  This enables green energy firms to engage in more projects and ultimately make the USA a greener and more energy independent place.

For illustrative purposes if your company has a $100,000 tax liability.  Instead of paying the government $100,000 the solar company will receive $90,000 and your company will receive $100,000 in tax offsets.  This is an instant 10% return on your investment.  Your company is issued a K1 schedule showing the credits for your taxes.

If you are interested in learning more about our energy tax credits please fill out the form or visit our FAQ page for more information.  Learn how we can help you with your estate planning needs!  Please note: energy tax credits do not create AMT (alternative minimum tax) and tax credits can be applied against AMT if you have this tax problem currently! 

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