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Estate Planning Through Tax Minimization

June 7, 2012 Scottsdale, USA

As the population ages, estate planning becomes increasingly more important.  If you don't have a plan - your planning to fail.  We can help your estate minimize its tax consequences in the coming years.

As the baby boomer population enters their elderly years, the concept of estate planning and capital preservation becomes increasingly more important.  While most firms are concerned with capital growth using dividends and stock appreciation, our firm is focused on tax minimization.  By focusing our estate planning efforts on reducing federal tax liability, we provide our clients with guaranteed returns on their investment. 

How can we help your estate planning efforts without increasing your risks?  Our estate planning firm uses depreciation and energy tax credits from solar projects to reduce your federal tax liability by 10%.  We can even do a one year reach back on previously filed tax returns, which give you additional profits/cash flow.  "The one year reach back program in our estate planning program is an amazing tool.  It allows our clients to benefit on previously paid tax bills" said Palumbo, president of 

Tax minimization is a very important component in the estate planning process.  From a compounding money prospective, every dollar that  is saved produces additional profits the following year(s).  This will enable your funds to grow faster through your other estate planning efforts. 

If your estate is interested in having a free analysis/consultation on its tax minimization needs contact us today.  We guarantee we can save your estate on its federal tax liability.

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This article was published on June 07, 2012.