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As you are doing your estate planning, one of the top goals should be to retain as much of your wealth as possible to pass along to the next generation.  You might be asking how you can do this with the stock market and real estate market as volatile as it is.  At we can help you with your estate planning needs.  How can we do this?

As your estate is making money (interest) you can buy energy tax credits and depreciation to reduce your federal tax liability by up to 10%.  For example if your estate has a 200,000 tax liability for a year of dividends we can reduce that liability by $20,000.  This is one years worth of savings.  Multiply this estate planning savings over the course of 10 years and your family can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Please note: the example above can be revised up and/or down based on your estate planning needs. 

If you have specific questions on how we can help you with your estate planning please contact us today. 

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