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June 7, 2012 - Scottsdale, USA launches its new management consulting service to increase cash flows to businesses.  Our consultants have developed  innovative, tax-cutting methods that other management consulting services aren't using.  Our goal is to make our clients more powerful through tax minimization techniques. 

Through previous engagements our management consulting team have become experts in the field of renewable energy, specifically solar energy.  By fully understanding the renewable energy market we are able to utilize the tax credits, depreciation, and solar panels to their full potential.  Thus giving the business owner the maximum benefit with no money out of pocket.

Our management consulting team focuses on three main areas:  federal tax liability savings, energy savings, and communication savings.  Our clients get other benefits such as state tax savings and going green in the process.  Typical savings on taxes average 10% per year on the federal liability.  Our energy savings can range from 10% to 52%.  Due to our vast connections within the telecom industry most of our clients experience 10% to 30% savings. 

Under the current tax code, we can also obtain cash back from last years tax filing.  This is referred to as a one year reach back.  "Clients are always excited about the one year reach back since they considered that money long gone" said Palumbo, CEO of

Our management consulting services allow businesses to get new cash flows and reduce expenses with no risk whatsoever.  We do not charge a consulting fee for doing analysis for any of our clients.  We will save your firm money - we guarantee it. 

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This article was published on June 07, 2012.