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Contact Us - Helps to increase cash flow by reducing federal tax liability for US companies and individuals.
Management Consulting Management Consulting offers a free management consulting service to help big and small companies reduce their overall expenses and increase profits. 

Since 2007, many firms have been feeling the fiscal pinch due to rising costs and tightening budgets.  Our free management consulting service targets these main cost cutting areas: reducing federal tax liability, reducing energy demand charges, reducing energy bills via solar energy, and reducing communications expenses.

We accomplish these goals in the following ways: our tax credits and depreciation reduce federal tax liability.  We can reduce your federal tax bill by 10%.  To read more about buying energy tax credits and/or depreciation for sale click the respective links. 

Our sister company helps to reduce energy demand charges using power factor technology.  This technology will optimize energy flow and eliminate spikes in energy.  These spikes are billed at much higher rates than your normal energy rate.  To read more about our Power Factor Management technology visit our sister website.

How else can your company benefit from our free management consulting review?  Another way in which we save your company money is by using our solar energy connections.  We combine buying depreciation and tax credits and installing solar panels on your companies rooftop at no additional charge.  This will give you additional savings on your energy bill each month. 

Another sister company of ours,, can offer you reduced long distance rates and 800 number service for your business.  Our prices could save you up to 60% off your current long distance providers rates.  This vendor can also offer your company reduced rates on T1 (data) connections as well. 

Interested in having a free management consulting review for your business?  Contact us today!

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