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Solar Depreciation For Sale
Solar Depreciation For Sale

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Price    10% Federal Tax Savings

Under the current US tax code, Section 179 allows our company to sell its solar depreciation.  The Federal tax code allows you to benefit from the sale of depreciation when related to renewable energy

You can reduce your tax liability by 10 percent by purchasing our solar depreciation for sale.  For example:  if you owe the federal government $100,000 in federal taxes we can issue you enough depreciation to cover the entire tax liability for $90,000.  In this example you have saved $10,000 or 10%.

For all of our depreciation purchases we issue your company a K1 schedule.  We can send you a sample of what your K1 schedule would look like.  If you give this to your CPA they can quickly see how much of a tax savings you will get by typing in the depreciation number into the tax return.

The depreciation only offsets passive income taxes.

For more information on how to reduce your federal tax liability please fill out the form on the left or you can visit our product FAQ page on depreciation for sale.  Learn how we can help you with your estate planning needs!

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As an added bonus: most states allow for $25,000 in depreciation per year. This means additional savings to you and/or your company on the state level. Contact us for more details!