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Team Bios

Nick Palumbo
Founder & CEO
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Phone: 623-255-7102

Nick is a 17 year serial entrepreneur with an extensive internet track record. At the tender age of 13, Nick started out by operating an online retail business. By 26 years old he was doing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within that industry and finally sold that business by 27 years old. 

Today, Nick lives and operates from Scottsdale, Arizona. The concept of came about due to the depreciation and energy tax credits that were being created from doing all of the solar energy projects. It just made sense to build a portal for brokering these tax credits. Nick is also a buyer of solar depreciation.

Nick Palumbo co-authored a best-selling paperback book called: "Rainbows in Cobwebs - Stories of Hope in Storms of Life.”  This book can be purchased on Amazon and for the Kindle by clicking on the image on the right hand side of the page.











Phil Newberry
Management Consultant
Phone: 561-247-6247


Phillip Newberry is an innovative leader in marketing and technology.  With over 15 years experience in Enterprise IT systems solutions and 8 years in the Financial industry as a Regional Vice President, Mr. Newberry has the insight and knowledge to help businesses plan and reduce costs.  Having held key positions and consulted with many top companies in varied industries he has the reputation for providing strategic planning to ensure efficiency, amplified productivity, and measurable ROI. His specialties include communication, IT architecture/design, security, process control and documentation, sales and marketing management. He provides the competitive edge that enables businesses to grow.